Beaujolais Nouveau!


"It's Beaujolais Nouveau Time!"

Come join the party! Belle Epicurean is hosting a night of fun, wine, food and live music! Join us as we celebrate the fabulous French wine holiday Beaujolais Nouveau Day, a grand celebration for the much sought after red wine made from freshly hand-picked Gamay grapes. 

So join us as we toast the harvest with authentic Beaujolais Nouveau!

The beautiful & picturesque Beaujolais wine country

The beautiful & picturesque Beaujolais wine country

The Wine

 Beaujolais nouveau is a hugely popular wine made from Gamay grapes, which are grown in the Beaujolias region of France. The Gamay noir a Jus blanc grape (known typically as simply, Gamay) are grown in stony soil, and must be, by law, harvested by hand. This unique wine is fermented every year for just a few weeks, before being released on the third Thursday of each November. The wine is made through anaerobic fermentation, creating a wine that, while remaining low in tannins, is fruity and fresh.


How to Drink It

 This wine is recommended served slightly chilled, at approximately 55 degrees Farenheit (13 degrees Celsius). Unlike many other wines, it doesn't improve with age, and is intended to be enjoyed right away! Each vintage has its own unique variation, so every Beaujolais Nouveau Day is a new experience.


Belle Epicurean will celebrate this youthful & vibrant wine on November 17th, from 5:00pm To 8:00pm at our Madison Park location. There is no cover charge to attend. 
We hope to see you there!


The more, the merrier!
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